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True to the motto "Treat yourself!" you are in the right place in our martial arts online store. We offer you the full range of martial arts equipment for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, grappling, BJJ from leading martial arts brands worldwide!
Whether boxing gloves and shin guards, MMA fight shorts or boxing bandages, with us you will find the right martial arts equipment for every budget and every requirement / taste. Thanks to our many years of experience in boxing, MMA and Krav Maga, we know the demands of today's martial arts athletes very well.
Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with leading martial arts brands such as Venum, Phantom Athletics, Tatami Fightwear, Twins Special and many more, you will find a wide selection with us of functional martial arts equipment.
We offer you a well-structured online fight shop for your incomparable shopping experience, we offer you many secure payment methods and super-fast shipping and, above all, we offer you top-class customer service for problems and questions about products and orders, which is our top rating at ShopVote Evaluation platform occupied.








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If you buy cheap, you buy twice, that's an old wisdom which can especially apply to martial arts accessories. We have many martial arts brands in the middle and upper price segment where you can be sure to get the appropriate quality for your money.
But of course you will find at us also martial arts articles in the low price segment with a good price-performance ratio, because not everyone wants or can dig deep into their pockets for their equipment.
Whoever likes Venum will love us! We carry a huge assortment of the popular VENUM martial arts brand, known among others. from the largest MMA organization in the world, the UFC.Fightwear such as MMA shorts, spats and rashguards in countless designs, you can put together individually for your unique martial arts dress, or how about a cool uniform equipment series with boxing gloves, shin pads, MMA gloves and head protection with wicked gladiator artwork? This is guaranteed to draw everyone's attention to you in your martial arts gym!
If you like functional Muay Thai shorts, you will definitely find what you are looking for at the brands Wicked One and Dynamix Athletics, where you will find Thai boxing shorts in many designs and colors, so there is something for every taste.
For the Thai boxers we have our traditional and well-known Muay Thai brands Twins Special and Fairtex in our range, the best boxing gloves and shin guards for Muay Thai fighters, handmade in Thailand, the motherland of Muay Thai boxing.
Grapplers, BJJ and Jiu Jitsu athletes will be happy in our Tatami Fightwear Shop. You can choose from a wide range of BJJ suits, BJJ training bags, No Gi clothing and BJJ accessories.You can find many more martial arts brands in our martial arts brand stores - browse now and be happy!At Pitbull Westcoast you will find great streetwear and urban wear such as hoodies, winter jackets, hats and beanies or functional clothing for martial arts and fitness training.







Bad Boy Shin Guards "Material"

Light shin guards from Bad Boy.
Padding over the shin and instep.
High-density padding.Extremely light.

Old price 29,99 EUR
Now only 16,99 EUR

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In our MMA Fight Shop you will find martial arts equipment from A-Z!

„Protect yourself at all times!“ – This motto from boxing should be considered in our day and age. Times are getting rougher and many people no longer feel as safe as before. Martial arts gyms or self-defense courses enjoy an enormous influx with people who want to learn to defend themselves or want to strengthen their self-confidence.
This is exactly why you will find a wide range of protective equipment for your martial arts in our combat sports shop in addition to fightwear and sportswear.
Starting with head guards for boxing or kick boxing, from groin guards for MMA or Muay Thai boxing to shin guards for stand up martial arts to mouth guards or trainer accessories such as focus mitts and punch pads.
You can also buy boxing wraps and ankle guards in our well-stocked martial arts store.
In short: Our martial arts shop offers you everything you need for your combat sports discipline.