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True to the motto "Treat yourself!" you are in the right place in our martial arts online store. We offer you the full range of martial arts equipment for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, grappling, BJJ from leading martial arts brands worldwide!
Whether boxing gloves and shin guards, MMA fight shorts or boxing bandages, with us you will find the right martial arts equipment for every budget and every requirement / taste. Thanks to our many years of experience in boxing, MMA and Krav Maga, we know the demands of today's martial arts athletes very well.
Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with leading martial arts brands such as Venum, Phantom Athletics, Tatami Fightwear, Twins Special and many more, you will find a wide selection with us of functional martial arts equipment.
We offer you a well-structured online fight shop for your incomparable shopping experience, we offer you many secure payment methods and super-fast shipping and, above all, we offer you top-class customer service for problems and questions about products and orders, which is our top rating at ShopVote Evaluation platform occupied.









Adidas Head Guard Speed Super Pro White/Black

The adidas Speed ​​Super Pro Training HG impresses with its high-quality construction.
With a PU fabric and PU inner lining, it provides targeted protection and thus ensures safety.
In addition, an additional layer of EVA foam padding provides enormous resistance and optimized shock absorption during training.
The inner lining of the Speed ​​Super Pro Training HG makes it comfortable to wear as well as excellent moisture transport.

59,95 EUR
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In our MMA SHOP you will find the right equipment for your mixed martial arts training. You can buy robust MMA shorts, functional rashguards, durable MMA gloves and the right MMA protective equipment such as groin guards or mouthguards from us. Combine our MMA accessories to your ultimate MMA outfit. Our most popular MMA brands are Venum or Leone 1947.


For the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes we have the # 1 BJJ Brand Tatami Fightwear in our range. We have the right clothing for you, from the beginner BJJ GI suit to the professional BJJ Gi. You can buy your new BJJ belt from us as well as BJJ finger tape or BJJ sports bags and backpacks.


Kickboxers can look forward to cool kickboxing shorts from Wicked One or Phantom Athletics, as well as high-quality kickboxing gloves and robust K1 shin guards from, for example, Booster Fightgear or VENUM.


The traditional Muay Thai brands like Fairtex, Twins Special and King Pro Boxing provide you with the right equipment for Muay Thai boxing. High-quality Thai boxing gloves and strong Muay Thai shin guards are very important, for good quality you also like to dig deeper into your pocket.


In addition to Venum, you can also get high-quality boxing gloves from BENLEE or Booster Fightgear, optionally with Velcro or with laces. Our wide range of boxing gloves is just as appealing for beginners and professionals as it is for women and children.


Whether trendy shirts from Pit Bull West Coast, casual jogging suits and hoodies from Venum or chic caps from Phantom Athletics, in our streetwear shop you will find stylish clothing for a casual leisure outfit

In our MMA Fight Shop you will find martial arts equipment from A-Z!

„Protect yourself at all times!“ – This motto from boxing should be considered in our day and age. Times are getting rougher and many people no longer feel as safe as before. Martial arts gyms or self-defense courses enjoy an enormous influx with people who want to learn to defend themselves or want to strengthen their self-confidence.
This is exactly why you will find a wide range of protective equipment for your martial arts in our combat sports shop in addition to fightwear and sportswear.
Starting with head guards for boxing or kick boxing, from groin guards for MMA or Muay Thai boxing to shin guards for stand up martial arts to mouth guards or trainer accessories such as focus mitts and punch pads.
You can also buy boxing wraps and ankle guards in our well-stocked martial arts store.
In short: Our martial arts shop offers you everything you need for your combat sports discipline.



Throwdown Key Chain Mini Boxing Glove

Mini boxing glove as key chain.
Cool look with Throwdown Logo.

Our old price 2,99 EUR
Now only 1,99 EUR
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