BENLEE Rocky Marciano - martial arts equipment with tradition ✓

You love the classic film Rocky with Sylvester Stallone? The film series was inspired by the boxing legend Rocky Marciano.✓
Rocky Marciano was an American boxer with Italian roots. The rock as he was called by many in the 50s the second heavyweight world champion who resigned unbeaten. Rocky Marciano is still considered the best boxer of all time by many boxing fans.
Rocky Marciano wore BENLEE boxing gloves and boxing pants during his fights, which is why the Benlee brand achieved worldwide fame as early as the 1950s.
The Benlee brand has been continuously developed to this day and today you will find high-quality boxing gloves, protective equipment such as shin guards and bandages, training equipment such as claws and punching bags and cool sportswear in the BENLEE range.✓

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