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BENLEE heavy bags for home use or for gyms are very popular. The BENLEE heavy bag Donato with bold BENLEE lettering is available in several colors and in lengths of 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm. You can also find BENLEE corn pears and BENLEE speedballs, So everything you need for a boxing gym at home. Those who can't hang up a punching bag will find a good alternative in the BENLEE standing punching bags.
A suitable addition are the BENLEE focus pads or BENLEE Muay Thai pads if you want to train with a partner.In addition to the BENLEE focus pads Moore made of leather, you will also find beginner pads such as the BENLEE Dewey focus pads ✓
BENLEE Rocky Marciano Boxing Sticks Bastoni Black/Yellow

The high-quality batons for versatile use in martial arts training.
Made of sturdy synthetic leather with a wrist loop at the end.

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