SMAI martial arts equipment for professionals

To inspire athletes around the world to become the masters of their sport, the martial arts brand SMAI from Australia advertises.✓
SMAI has been manufacturing premium martial arts products and martial arts items for over 30 years, and Australia is one of the leading and most popular martial arts brands in Down Under.
The founders of SMAI started producing martial arts fightwear and punching bags in their garage in Australia as early as 1985, and the portfolio was gradually expanded at the request of customers
More than 30 years later, SMAI has developed into an internationally recognized brand that serves a broader sports market. Today, you will find almost all types of martial arts items such as boxing gloves, protectors, punching bags and fightwear in the SMAI range.
Buy SMAI Premium Martial Arts gear at low prices online now.✓
SMAI Double End Ball - leather
SMAI double end ball, oval, 25 cm.
Made of robust leather.
Incl. tethers.
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SMAI Heavy Bag Leather

SMAI punching bag, real leather, black and white.
High quality punching bag made of real buffalo leather for the professional area.
Bulky goods are currently only delivered within Germany.

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