Bad Boy boxing gloves and fight equipment

Booster Fightgear
The martial arts brand Booster Fightgear is one of the world's largest manufacturers of martial arts equipment✅
We bring you the latest martial arts accessories and equipment from Booster Fight Gear to Germany.
Whether Thai boxing, MMA, BJJ or kick boxing, the Booster range includes everything you need to practice your martial arts: boxing gloves, shin guards, MMA gloves, BJJ Gis, trainer and coaching accessories such as claws and kick pads and much more.
The majority of Booster Fight & Martial Arts products are manufactured to the highest quality in the production facilities in Thailand✅

Booster Kids Hand Wraps BPC 2,00m

Classical boxing hand wraps by Booster Fightgear.
Length 460cm - Allows sufficient bandaging of the knuckles and fingers.
Partially elastic for optimal fit.

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