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Be Inspired - This is the advertising slogan of the Thai martial arts brand Fairtex.✅
Fairtex is next to Twins Special certainly the most famous martial arts brands from the motherland of Muay Thai, Thailand.Fairtex was founded in 1971 by hobby thai boxer Philip Wong.
Over time, Fairtex became the # 1 martial arts brand in Thailand. In gratitude for this great success of the brand in Thailand, Philip Wong wanted to give something back to his homeland and opened the Fairtex Muay Thai Camp in rural Bangplee, 25km outside Bangkok.Fairtex helped young and futile Thai men stay away from the street and stay out of the drug pool, but now they had the chance to start a new life through the Muay Thai.
Many innovations found in Fairtex products are the result of decades of testing at the named Bangplee Fairtex Camp.Fairtex produces high quality martial arts accessories, with a focus on Muay Thai and Thai Boxing.
Fairtex only produces high quality Muay Thai products such as Fairtex Boxing Gloves, Fairtex Shinguards or Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts made of high quality materials and unrivaled quality.✅
Fairtex Kick Shield Suitcase Black/Red

The FAIRTEX Superior arm pads are specially made for professionals with the highest demands, real heavy duty pads!
Ergonomically perfectly adapted to the forearm so that the trainer can comfortably guide the claws, easy to hold, well balanced.
The rounded shape and the slight curvature enable a good and safe training.

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Fairtex Wrecking Ball / Uppercut Bag

Especially for training jabs, upward and elbow hooks in Thai boxing or boxing.
The punching bag is filled and ready to use and is supplied with 4 tear-resistant nylon straps for hanging. All you need is a sturdy ceiling hook.

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Fairtex Heavy Bag HB6 Banana Bag 180 cm

Extremely resilient punching bag made of the well-known FAIRTEX Syntec material reinforced with nylon fabric on the inside.
This punching bag is extremely hard-wearing and robust and therefore ideally suited for continuous use in professional gyms.
Bulky goods are currently only delivered within Germany.

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Fairtex is also the first choice of Thaiboxers and Muay Thai athletes in Germany, in the emparor Thaibox shop you can find high quality Fairtex equipment from Thailand.We carry a well assorted selection of FAIRTEX martial arts products in many designs and variants. Safe and fast delivery, we inspire every Fairtex fan in Germany. Whether high quality leather boxing gloves, the matching Thai shin guards, cool Thaibox pants, kick claws or sports bags, here you will find the newest and best Fairtex martial arts supplies.

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