Pit Bull West Coast - Upgrade of the old brand Pitbull from Frankfurt

Pit Bull West Coast
The trend brand Pit Bull West Coast is the direct offshoot of the old original Frankfurt brand Pitbull, which was known throughout Germany in the 90s. At that time, the jackets, shirts and sweaters with the well-known Pitbull lettering and often with the addition "Germany" or "Frankfurt" were very popular with the younger generation.
After one of the founders of the Frankfurt Pit Bull Label emigrated to the USA, he founded the new label Pit Bull West Coast there.
The Pit Bull West Coast brand then became particularly popular and well-known through cooperation with the largest European martial arts organization KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki = martial arts confrontation) based in Poland.

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Thanks to the cooperation between PBWC and the martial arts organization KSW, you will find classic martial arts clothing and functional clothing for fitness, MMA, boxing and all kinds of martial arts in addition to classic sreetwear.
From Pitbull West Coast you will find functional rashguards, MMA fight shorts or compression spats with great and unique designs in many colors or with cool artwork such as Chucky the killer doll or muscular pit bull pictures.
The Pitbull West Coast Runmageddon series is primarily aimed at fitness athletes, the functional clothing for men and women leaves nothing to be desired and the design is convincing all along the line.

Streetwear by Pit Bull West Coast - cool jackets, shirts and hoodies

From Pit Bull West Coast you will find warm jackets and winter jackets in various styles such as military jackets, flight jackets, college jackets, soft-shell jackets, bomber jackets and more. The great sreetwear design combined with high-quality workmanship convinces in every respect.
The hoodies and hoodies from PBWC are available in many colors and variants, whether with classic Pitbull lettering or new PBWC logo, with hood or zipper, you are spoiled for choice.Pit Bull West Coast offers you countless designs and variants of shirts and tank tops - whether with Pitbull print, with the classic logo from Frankfurt times and and and, and the selection is huge, convince yourself of the trend brand Pit Bull West Coast.

Sports bags, caps and boxer shorts in pit bull style

Of course, the brand PBWC also offers you great practical training bags and backpacks, cool underwear or even crazy beanie hats to complete your pit bull outfit.In addition to classic sports bags and backpacks, the bag series also includes belly bags, shoulder bags and wallets from the trendy brand PBWC.

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