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With Ringhorns, the leading and worldwide known martial arts brand Venum has created an offshoot with the aim to bring good and at the same time inexpensive martial arts equipment to the martial arts market. RINGHORNS was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by the Venum team with one clear goal in mind: a unique logo - a design that will stand out - good quality at a low price.This is undoubtedly successful and Ringhorns has a good selection of products for all martial arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and many more in the range.
Ringhorns boxing gloves, shin guards, boxing bandages, head protection and much more protective equipment for your martial arts can be found in our MMA Fight Shop.
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Ringhorn's Charger, Nitro and Destroyer series are the current collections in the Ring Horns portfolio.
The Ringhorns Charger series is perfect for beginners, solid quality and at an unbeatable price.The Charger series in various colors includes, for example, the Ringhorn Charger boxing gloves, the Charger shinguard and MMA gloves and the Charger claws, hand bandages and ankle protectors.
The Ringhorns series Nitro and Destroyer are also aimed at advanced martial artists.

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