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Tapout Clothing was born in the USA in 1997 because there was hardly any suitable clothing on the market for MMA fighters and fans of the sport.
One of the first brands in the world of MMA, Tapout undoubtedly defined the style of MMA fighters and martial arts fans, becoming the most recognized brand for MMA clothing and MMA fightwear.✓
The bigger the MMA scene grew back then, the better known the TAPOUT brand became in the world and so TAPOUT Clothing soon sponsored the best UFC fighters such as Rashad Evans, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves and Chael Sonnen.
We are bringing the fight brand TAPOUT back to the market, buy your new TAPOUT T-shirts, TAPOUT hoodies or even TAPOUT boxing gloves and TAPOUT MMA gloves in the emparor martial arts shop. ✓
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