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Tatami Fightwear
Tatami Fightwear is the undisputed # 1 BJJ and Jiu Jitsu brand in the world and the leader in Jiu Jitsu apparel and equipment.✓
Tatami Fightwear was founded in the UK in 2009 to meet the growing demand for good BJJ equipment in excellent quality and affordable prices.Gareth, a BJJ fighter with heart and soul, taught children and adults in socially deprived areas in the BJJ and he found it increasingly difficult to find good quality martial arts equipment at fair prices which his students could afford.That was the reason for the creation of a private label that met these needs: Tatami Fightwear was born. ✓
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Since then, it has worked tirelessly to improve brand reputation, develop better products and supply Gyms around the world with high quality BJJ accessories. Tatami Fightwear items are now available in over 30 countries around the world and in over 300 gyms / clubs and 100 online stores. In addition, Tatami sponsors some of the world's best BJJ and grappling athletes such as Mike Fowler, Kit Dale or Michelle Nicolini.✓

Is Tatami Fightwear only suitable for Jiu Jitsu athletes?

NO! The product portfolio now includes a wide range of Bjj and Kampfsportzubehör.
So you will find in the emparor Fight Shop in addition to the classic Tatami BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gis and suits and Tatami Fightwear No Gi Grappling Shorts, Tatami Rashguards, Tatami Fightwear sports bags and training bags as well as cool sportswear & streetwear T-shirts, hoodies and jogging pants.
The excellent quality of the products as well as the special outstanding design make Tatami Fightwear the probably coolest martial arts brand ever.

The latest tatami fightwear trends in the BJJ shop

Several times a year Tatami Fightwear launches a great new collection and always surprises with new great design lines.
At the emparor Fight Shop you can always find the latest Tatami Fightwear creations such as the Tatami Fightwear Thinker Monky series, the Samurai Panda series or the Tatami Renegade collection That's why Tatami Fightwear is so popular with grapplers and BJJlern.If you look at the designs of Tatami Fightwear you can see that professionals or artists are at work here.
The great motifs are created in cooperation with artists and design forges like Supervixen, Meerskatsu or Chris Burns.Neuste creation is the Supermonster series of Rashguards with motives of King Kong and Godzilla.