The Tatami Fightwear sports bags & gear bags for athletes

You can find high-quality sports bags, backpacks and BJJ Gear Bags by TATAMI FIGHTWEAR in our MMA Shop.✅
The great training bags & backpacks offer you plenty of space for your fitness and / or martial arts equipment, there are many different models to choose from.
Tatami Fightwear is the top brand for BJJ accessories and produces BJJ Gi´s in addition to No Gi clothing such as rashguards and fight shorts.
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The Tatami Fightwear Gear Bags - perfectly equipped!

One of the most popular Tatami Fightwear training bags are undoubtedly the great TatamI Fightwear Gear bags, which are so-called hybrid bags, which can be used both as a training bag and as a backpack. You can find the Gear Bags in various colors such as black / Blue or camo.
Another highlight from the Tatami Fightwear bag collection is the Meiyo sports bag with plenty of space for your BJJ equipment and cool style with Asian characters.
The latest creation is the vintage Tatami Weekender Holdall bag, this ultra-cool bag is suitable for sports, travel and leisure, and this bag can also be used as a backpack or as a sports bag! ✅

Tatami fightwear backpack for martial artists and athletes

The backpacks by Tatami Fightwear are highly functional and offer you many compartments and practical side pockets to store your personal belongings perfectly.
There is also a mega-great design, which guarantees an eye-catcher on the street or in the gym.
Regardless of whether you choose the Tatami Fightwear Backpack Omega or the new Tatami Fightwear Backpack Rogue, you will always have the ideal companion with you.
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