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The best performance rashguards from TATAMI FIGHTWEAR for your martial arts and fitness training can be found in our BJJ Fight Shop.✓
We carry almost the complete range of the Jiu Jitsu brand Tatami Fightwear and especially fitness athletes, No Gi Grappler and BJJ Jiu Jitsu athletes are guaranteed to find something in our shop.
The Tatami Rashguards are performance shirts made of tear-resistant and flexible fabric and fit like a second skin.
Whether simple, plain-colored or unusual with motifs by Sega video game heroes or monsters like Godzilla and King Kong, Tatami brings you every crazy motif on a rash guard. ✓
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What makes Tatami fightwear rashguards so special in martial arts?

The Tatami Rashguards have several advantages. They have a compression effect and promote blood circulation. They practically "stick" to you like a second skin and especially in fitness and martial arts, nothing fluttering around you. The material wicks away sweat and keeps you warm and dry, and during ground combat you protect yourself from the sweat of your opponent.
As you can see, a rashguard only brings you advantages in sports, it is up to you whether you choose a long-sleeved rashguard or a short-sleeved rashguard.
Rashguards can of course also be put on under a BJJ Gi and can be perfectly combined with MMA fight shorts or compression spats.✓

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The latest Tatami Fightwear Trends is the Tatami Fightwear Rashguard Godzilla, the Tatami Fightwear Rashguard King Kong, the Tatami Fightwear Rashguard Altered Beast or the Tatami Fightwear Rashguards  Essential series in a cool camouflage style.✓