Tatami fightwear spats & compression pants for sports - full performance!

The compression clothing by Tatami Fightwear is just the right thing for your martial arts, sports and fitness training
The so-called spats or leggings for men or the short compression shorts reduce the muscle vibration due to the compression effect and your muscles remain efficient for longer and fatigue is delayed.These special sports pants fit like an additional skin and do not flutter or interfere with training and competition.
Increase your performance and performance in competition with the Tatami Fightwear Spats.✓


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Fancy martial arts compression clothing by Tatami Fightwear

You can find the functional spats and leggings in abundance in our MMA shop from the BJJ brand Tatami Fightwear.
From simple black to a camouflage style like the Tatami Stealth Spats to funky motifs like the Tatami Dragon Fly Spats or Tatami Thinker Monkey Spats, you have the choice.
The Tatami Compression Leggings from the Essential series are suitable for beginners or people on a tight budget.
We recommend you to buy a matching rash guard and MMA fight shorts, so you have the ultimate MMA outfit for your sport

Tatami No Gi leggings for grapplers and ground fighters

Designed for tough ground combat and grappling matches, the Tatami Fightwear Spats are robust and durable.
Tatami is the # 1 for BJJ accessories and grappling items!
By the way, you get your equipment perfectly stowed with the great BJJ Gear Bags by Tatami Fightwear.✓