Twins Special - The # 1 Muay Thai brand from Thailand

Twins Special
Twins Special is certainly next to Fairtex the most famous and popular martial arts brand for Thai Boxing worldwide.For more than 50 years, Twins has been producing high quality martial arts equipment with a focus on Muay Thai and Thai boxing.
The main area of ​​the Twins Special brand is the production and sale of Thaiboxing equipment for fighters, coaches and coaches.
Only high-quality Muay Thai products are produced, such as Twins Special Boxing Gloves, Twins Special Thai Shinguards, TWINS Muay Thai Shorts or Twins Special Boxing Bandages - made of the best materials and unbeatable quality.
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Twins Thai Kick Pads TKP 8

Premium Thai Pads by Twins.
Curved arm pads for effective training in Thai boxing, especially for knee techniques and kicks.
The special foam filling with a thicker filling effortlessly absorbs hard kicks.

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Handmade premium quality by Twins Special

There is certainly no Thai boxer who has not already heard of TWINS martial arts equipment, quality is the long term on the market! Every well stocked martial arts trade has the brand Twins in the range, from boxing gloves to protective gear and Twins Fightwear.
The Twins martial arts goods are handcrafted to proven quality in Thailand, which accumulated over decades of know-how in the production of boxing gloves and equipment leads to a consistent premium quality of products.

Twins BGVL 3 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - The Most Popular!

We carry a wide range of Twins Special Boxing Gloves like the popular Boxing Gloves BGVL3 in many colors and sizes.The gloves are handmade in Thailand from the best cowhide for a long durability.As usual with Thaibox gloves, the BGVL 3 boxing gloves have a padded hand edge for blocking by Kicks.
The BGVL 3 boxing gloves are also available in an "Air" version with an Air Flow fabric in the palm for optimal thermoregulation during training and competition.In addition to the Twins BGVL 3 Boxing Gloves, which have been available on the market for a long time, other collections such as the Twins Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL 8 or BGVL 9 have been added in recent years.

Twins Special Shinguards in our Muay Thai Store

Matching to the premium boxing gloves from Twins, you will also find the Twins Special Shin Guards for the Muay Thai Boxing in our Thaibox Shop.Twins' Stand Up Shinguards are designed to meet the needs of Muay Thai athletes, but they can also be used for Kickboxing or Stand Up MMA.Delivered safely and quickly, we inspire every Twins Special fan in Germany.

TWIN's Special Muay Thai Fight Gear.

Buy Twins Special products in our martial arts shop.Delivered quickly, you will be able to hold your new Thaiboxing gear in just a few days in your hands.