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VENUM is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known martial arts brands worldwide.The high quality of the products as well as the great extravagant design make the Venum brand a hit with almost all martial artists, be it from the MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai boxing.
But also fitness athletes rely more on Venum which convinces with great performance shirts and functional shorts !The portfolio of VENUM includes the complete package of martial arts accessories from Venum boxing gloves and shin guards, from head protection to groin protection, or from martial arts training bags to BJJ Gi suits for men, women and children.VENUM was founded in 2004 and launched in 2005.
Since then, Venum Performance has been developing accessories for martial arts and fitness athletes.Be part of the Venum family and buy your VENUM equipment or clothing at our MMA Fight Shop!
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VENUM Fight Gear and Equipment you will find in our martial arts shop in abundance. We are always trying to present you the latest Venum collections and creations.Boxing gloves for MMA, boxes, kickboxing, etc. can be found from Venum from different series for every budget and for every taste.
The VENUM boxing gloves, shinguards and MMA gloves are available in the Contender series, in the Challenger series and in the Elite series. The lowest-priced series here is the Venum Contender collection for beginners, amateur athletes and occasional athletes, followed by the Venum Challenger Mid-priced collection through to the Venum Premium range, namely the Venum Elite series for professionals and ambitious martial artists.
Of course you will receive from Venum many more boxing gloves and shin guards from special collections such as the Venum Devil boxing gloves or the Venum Gladiator series with boxing gloves, head protection, shin guards and also MMA gloves.

VENUM only for martial artists?

No, the origins of Venum are indeed in martial arts, Venum Fight gained notoriety mainly through its sponsorship activities in the UFC.Renowned fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Jose Aldo or Fabrício Werdum were under contract with Venum.Meanwhile, Venum has expanded its product portfolio and also offers items for fitness athletes, bodybuilders or casual streetwear like cool hoodies, caps or jogging pants.

Venum Fightwear for full performance

From the Venum martial arts and performance clothing series, you'll get functional MMA Fight shorts, MMA spats and rashguards, Muay Thai shorts, fitness shorts and functional apparel. Any athlete, whether martial arts, fitness, runner, will appreciate the great features of Venum Performance clothing appreciate.
The Venum compression garments such as rashguards, spats or compression shorts are equally suitable for fitness sports as well as martial arts such as MMA or grappling.As a rule, you will always receive complete clothing sets from a design such as the popular Venum Gladiator series, the Venum Technical or Contender collection and many more.Several times a year Venum launches new designs with outstanding artworks and colors.

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