Get your VENUM fight short for intensive mma sessions now!

Venum MMA Fight shorts are durable and tear-resistant shorts which are specially developed for martial arts and MMA.✓
These shorts are made of robust polyester fabric which does not absorb moisture and is fast drying.You can find VENUM Fight Shorts for your MMA, Muay Thai and Kickbox Training or No Gi Grappling in many modern design variations in our Venum Shop.
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The Venum MMA shorts are specially adapted to the needs of martial artists and offer a very high freedom of movement during kicks or ground combat.✓
Many Venum Fight shorts have additional cuts on the leg ends, velcro closure and internal drawstring, the shorts sit tight and secure during training and sparring.A groin guard can easily be worn underneath, a matching selection of crisscrossers can be found in our shop. Of course, the shorts are also ideal for fitness athletes.Also for the No Gi Grappling, so ground fighting (so Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without BJJ Gi), the shorts are ideal.In general, the Venum shorts are knee-length, this also protects against matburn (injuries / burns) by rubbing on the mat. Some Venum Fight shorts are also shorter cut and lean on the Muay Thai shorts.
Which VENUM MMA FIGHT SHORTS her ultimately Choosing and what you feel comfortable in is of course left to you.✓

Buy the top models of Venum MMA shorts

In our VENUM shop you will find numerous fight shorts in many variations, colors and sizes.
The most popular models from Venum undoubtedly include the Venum Hero Camo MMA shorts in green / brown and white / black, as well as the Venum Gladiator 3.0 Fight Short and the popular Venum Light 3.0 Fight Shorts which are available in many cool colors.

Find the right Venum Rashguard for your short

To round off your martial arts outfit perfectly, you will often find the right Venum Rashguard from the same series as the MMA Short in our VENUM SHOP.
Convince not only with your technique in the cage, but also with a cool outfit!

The Venum Fitness Shorts are the perfect companion for your sport & athletic training.

The light training shorts by VENUM consist of a functional fabric that does not absorb moisture and dries quickly.✓
The sport shorts are ideal for fitness, cardio and running units and are available in many colors.
With the Venum Classic fitness shorts you will find beautiful and functional training shorts in many solid colors✓