The functional VENUM sports bags - plenty of space for your equipment

The most popular items are without a doubt the Venum sports bags and backpacks.✅ The functional training bags such as the brand new Venum Trainer Lite Evo sports bags impress with their outstanding design and plenty of space for your equipment such as your Venum boxing gloves, Venum shin guards and your Venum protective equipment. In addition to the Trainer Lite sports bags from Venum, you can also find the Venum Origins sports bag in chic synthetic leather or the compact Venum Sparring sports bags in great colors.✅
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Your VENUM backpack for sports, school and travel

With the Venum Challenger backpacks you have two great options: the Venum Backpack Challenger as a compact backpack for school and leisure or the XL Venum Backpack Challenger Xtreme with expandable bottom for travel or backpacking trips.

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