VENUM MMA gloves for martial artists

The VENUM MMA gloves impress with their excellent quality and workmanship combined with a unique design.✅
Just like the Venum boxing gloves, they offer optimal protection for the hands, fingers and knuckles as well as good comfort. Designed for durability, you will enjoy your new Venum gloves for a long time.✅
You can find the VENUM MMA gloves made of leather, robust synthetic leather or neoprene material.
Depending on your budget and purpose, you have a large selection of VENUM MMA gloves in our range to choose from.
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Venum MMA gloves for training and competition

Special MMA gloves are the core of an MMA fighter's equipment. Venum MMA gloves are light and, in contrast to boxing gloves, have open fingers which allow the opponent to grasp them or carry out effective BJJ grips.The weight of the MMA gloves varies and depends on the intended use. You can find Venum MMA gloves in various sizes and weights in our emparor Fight Shop, for example a 4-ounce MMA gloves that are also used in competitions or in the UFC, or another 8-ounce MMA gloves such as the Venum MMA sparring gloves Challenger used in training and hard MMA sparring enable through the thick padding.

Combine the Venum MMA gloves with MMA shorts

In addition to the Venum MMA gloves, today's MMA athlete also needs functional MMA shorts, with the VENUM MMA shorts you can find the right addition to your Venum MMA gloves, for example you can find high-quality MMA gloves and great MMA shorts from the Venum GLDTR 3.0 series and rashguards for a uniform MMA outfit. The Venum Light 3.0 fight shorts can be combined with the Venum Challenger Sparring MMA gloves.
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