Venum focus pads for professionals

With the Venum hand claws you can practice striking techniques and boxing techniques with your training partner. ✅ The aim is to improve the speed and techniques and to practice combinations.
With the Venum Light box claws you can find good and cheap focus mitts.✅
You should always practice the boxing training with boxing gloves, of course we recommend Venum boxing gloves and Venum boxing bandages.
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Venum Muay Thai Kick Pads for kick techniques and knee kicks.

The Venum hand pads are unsuitable for kicks and knees, here you should use Muay Thai kick pads like the robust VENUM Muay Thai Kick Pads Giant.
These powerful pads have a thicker padding and have 2 arm straps and a thick handle to train even the toughest kicks.

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