Venum protective equipment for martial artists

Good and safe protective equipment in martial arts is just as important as good boxing gloves or MMA gloves, the premium brand Venum offers you a wide range of high-quality protective accessories for all types of martial arts, be it kickboxing, MMA, boxing, Muay Thai and and and.✓
In our range you will find Venum mouthguards, Venum groin guards, Venum boxing bandages and Venum ankle pads or Venum knee pads and Venum elbow pads.
We are your Venum shop in Germany!✓


Venum Hand Wraps Kontact 2,50m

Classic hand wraps by Venum from the Kontact series.
Made from 100% partially elastic cotton.
Strong Velcro fastener.

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The VENUM mouthguard for hard sparring units

The most important accessory in martial arts is the mouthguard, which is necessary for almost all martial arts.Venum offers the right product with the Challenger and Predator mouthguards, which protect your teeth and jaw, breathing is no problem with these mouthguards Venum Challenger mouthguard and the Venum Predator mouthguard are available in many different colors, you are sure to find what you are looking for.
With us you can find Venum mouthguards cheap -✓

The "crown jewels" well protected with a VENUM groin guard

If you are looking for a solid groin guard, you will love the Venum Challenger Groin Guard or the Venum Competitor Groin Guard.
The groin guards have a robust shell to protect the testicles and penis and include a slip (jockstrap), which keeps the groin guard in place during training and competitions. Of course, the groin guard can be pulled under a Venum MMA Short.✅

Venum elbow pads and knee pads for Thai boxing

With the Venum protectors from the Kontact series you will find shin pads as well as super robust and comfortable elbow pads and knee pads for your martial arts training.
The popular Venum Kontact series is available in various colors, so you can round off your campaign dress in addition to Venum MMA shorts or Venum boxing gloves!
Venum boxing bandages and ankle pads are a must-have
The great hand wraps from Venum from the Kontact series are available in many colors such as black / red or camouflage and are optionally available in lengths of 2.50m and 4m. They are perfect as a hand wrap and for optimally bandaging the hands Supplement for kickboxers or other martial arts besides boxing are the Venum ankle guards. The foot supports are also available in countless cool colors and come in pairs in one size.✓