Venum Performance Clothing for Athletes

Functional Venum Rashguards for your martial arts and fitness training can be found in our emparor Fight Shop.✓ We stock almost the entire current range of Venum Rashguards.
A Venum Rash Guard is made from tear-resistant and stretchy polyester fabric.✓ The Venum Rashguards are both long-sleeved Rashguard and Rashguard are available for all athletes from martial arts beginners to professionals. A Venum Rashguard is next to the MMA Fight Shorts to the standard MMA clothing of a today's athlete. It is up to you if you order a Venum long sleeve or short sleeve Rashguard. From the function both variants are the same. A Rashguard is clinging to the body like a second skin.✓
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VENUM Rash Guards and the development!

Originally Rashguards were designed for surfing to protect the surfers from injury (Rash = Scratch and Guard = Protection). This function has been used for martial arts just like in the ground combat No Gi Grappling or MMA to provide protection from matburn (injuries / burns by rubbing on the mat).
Today's rashguards have been optimized in their functional equipment for martial arts. Thus, a Rash Guard supports the blood flow and improves circulation through the compression effect The rashguards provide optimal thermoregulation and keep the body cool and dry, which is effective moisture management.

The best Training Shirt is called Rashguard!

In addition, the rashguards have flat seams, this prevents the seams from disturbing you or even scouring them. Also for hygienic reasons, a Venum Rashguard is recommended especially for ground combat and grappling. Often the sweat of the opponent drips on the mat, before you completely wallow in the sweat of the opponent which is not exactly pleasant, protects you even a rashguard and preserves At least partially the hygiene. Meanwhile, VENUM Rashguards are widely used and are worn almost in all fitness sports.In addition with a spats you can create your prefect No Gi Outfit.
Whether in fitness training, BJJ under the Gi, while jogging, the Rashguard is the first choice of training clothing.

What is the difference between Rashguards and Compression Shirts?

A Rashguard is suitable for martial arts such as Grappling and MMA. The material of the Rashguard is very robust and tear-resistant. A Compression Shirt is thinner and lighter in terms of material, the Compression Shirts are therefore not suitable for ground combat but rather for Stand Up Martial Arts, Fitness training, jogging and cardio training.
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