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Wicked One
The French label Wicked One is a rather young brand and is known for unusual streetwear and fightwear.Already in 2016 we were the first martial arts shop which brought the label Wicked One to Germany. The unusual Wicked One Muay Thai shorts convinced us at the time. The unique design like the Wicked One Thai Shorts Cross, Tiger, Rowdy or Members are becoming increasingly popular with many Muay Thai athletes, so the new collections and design series are usually sold out very quickly.
Follow us on the social media channels and so be always informed about the latest news from Wicked One!In the meantime many well-known Muay Thai and K1 fighters as well as events of Wicked 1 are sponsored in France.
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WICKED ONE Streetwear

Wicked One was originally known not for Muay Thai shorts, but for cool streetwear and fashion items. Starting in Paris, Wicked One quickly became an insiders' tip among French fashion connoisseurs through its cool styles.
Today, Wicked One is a well-known streetwear label and is known for the special design of the clothing which is inspired by tattoos, gangster-style or even graffiti.

Buy Wicked One MMA Shorts & Rashguards

In addition to the aforementioned Muay Thai shorts and streetwear, Wicked One also offers great rashguards and MMA shorts.
The WICKED ONE Rashguards and MMA Fight Shorts are often paired with the latest Thai Shorts in the same design, so you'll find your unique and complete martial arts outfit.