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Muay Thai shorts are used in Thai boxing / Muay Thai.✅
These are shorts which are usually made of fine satin polyester.Typical of the Thai boxing shorts, in contrast to MMA shorts, is the wide waistband and the short cut that ends clearly above the knees. Some models also have built-in side slits which prevent the Thai short from tearing or hindering at high kicks.The Muay Thai Shorts are available in many designs and colors. Typically, the shorts are usually provided with the well-known Muay Thai lettering or logo.In our Muay Thai Shop you will find many Muay Thai shorts from the well-known TOP brands such as Wicked One, Dynamix Athletics, Venum or Twins.
In addition to the classic Muay Thai shorts, you can also find the modern variant - the so-called Low Waist Thai Shorts.
The Low Waist Muay Thai Shorts have a narrower waistband and are overall more modern cut and designed, but just like the classic Muay Thai shorts meet your requirements Sense and purpose.With us you are exactly right if you are looking for high-quality and special Muay Thai shorts.✅
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Satin Muay Thai shorts for a great fit

As a rule, all Muay Thai shorts are made of 100% polyester.
Polyester has the advantage of being very robust, quick-drying and also comfortable to wear.The satin fabric used in the Muay Thai shorts is also a polyester but has the following advantages: beautifully shiny, looks classy, ​​easy to care for and durable.
Therefore, many Muay Thai pants also have this beautiful shine look.In our shop you will find many Satin Muay Thai shorts for men in many elegant colors and designs.✅

What is the difference between kickboxing shorts and muay thai shorts?

In principle, the two types of shorts are completely similar.The long kickbox pants of the time, as they are known from the classic film Karate Tiger with Jean Claude Van Damme, are hardly worn by today's kickboxers.
Rather, today's kickboxing athletes rely on modern and functional kickboxing shorts, which are often the above. Low waist shorts with a narrow waistband.The Muay Thai Shorts and Kickbox Shorts are identical in terms of material and functionality!✅