Buy functional rashguards for MMA, BJJ and Grappling.

A rash guard (also called rash guard) is a functional outer clothing for many sports.✅
It is a compression top made of fully elastic material, which means that a rash guard offers you the so-called "second skin effect", i.e. it is very close to your body like a second skin, which is especially useful in sports.
Whether for martial arts like MMA or Muay Thai boxing or fitness training like weight lifting, a rash guard is suitable for many sporting purposes.
We have many rashguards in stock, short-sleeved rashguards as well as long-sleeved rashguards from the top brands of combat sports such as Venum, Phantom Athletics, Pit Bull West Coast, Tatami Fightwear and many other martial arts brands.✅

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Phantom Athletics Compression Shirt Tactic - Shortsleeve

Compression effect for better performance
Maximum freedom of movement
Breathable and sweat-absorbing

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What are the advantages of a rash guard compared to conventional training clothing?

They lie close to the skin and nestle against the wearer like a second skin.
The compression effect promotes blood flow, supports muscles and stimulates the cardiovascular system. The breathable fabric wicks sweat outwards thanks to the favorable thermoregulation, thus ensuring a cool and dry body.A long-sleeved rash guard also provides effective protection against mat fire during ground combat.✅

Where does the Rash Guard actually come from?

The Rashguard originally comes from water sports, here made from neoprene, and it has the function of keeping body heat in cold water and protecting the wearer against skin irritation, such as may occur when scrubbing on the surfboard.
That's where the name comes from - Rash and Guard (protection).✅

Are there any differences in the rashguards?

Yes, as written above, the rashguards for water sports are usually made of neoprene, since neoprene is too stiff, too heavy and only partially breathable, rashguards for martial arts or fitness training are made of polyester and have a high proportion of stretch.
The use of polyester fabric preserves the real meaning of a rash guard, namely protecting the wearer from skin irritation or in martial arts such as wrestling, MMA, BJJ and grappling to protect against mat fire.

The Rashguard: hygienic aspects and purchase recommendations

Especially in martial arts with ground combat elements such as Lutta Livre, wrestling and grappling, the rash guard ensures that you don't have to wallow in your opponent's sweat.This can be very uncomfortable for sweaty training partners, and slippage is reduced with grip techniques.If you do not have a rashguard yet, buy a dress size larger than you normally wear.
Rashguards are small so that the compression effect is guaranteed. You should also pay attention to the seams, which can rub on the skin and cause irritation.All our offered rash guards are processed properly and have smooth seams that do not rub against the skin.
Whether you buy a long-sleeved rashguard, a short-sleeved rashguard or a sleeveless (no sleeve) rashguard, it is up to you A long-sleeved rush gaur is always recommended for ground combat.With us you are spoiled for choice between the leading manufacturers.Should it be a Venum Rashguard, a Hayabusa Rashguard or a Phantom Athletics Rashguard?Decide in peace and contact us with any questions, we are happy to help!Of course you will also find the right martial arts accessories such as MMA fight shorts, Muay Thai shin guards or martial arts knee is your affordable fight shop, here you will find your rash guard!✅

Complete your Rash Guard with the matching MMA shorts & pants.

If you have decided on a rash guard, you will also not have the right trousers. Of course, we also always offer trousers to match the tops that complement the design of the top or go well with it. So you can find your entire outfit from a single source and do not have to search endlessly for suitable items.Just look in the categories MMA Fight Shorts, Compression Shorts or Compression Spats if this is suitable for your sport.