Spats and leggings for MMA, BJJ and fitness.

In the past, leggings for men were totally in disrepute and only reserved for women. If you had come to the martial arts gym 10 years ago as a man with leggings, one of the spots and mockery of training colleagues would have been certain Compression pants is.
Fortunately, this has completely changed nowadays and the men's leggings have become socially acceptable because top athletes have recognized the meaning of compression pants.
The BJJ Spats and MMA compression pants support blood circulation during training and competition and warm up the muscles, which can minimize the risk of injury.
In our BJJ shop you will find a large selection of BJJ MMA spats and leggings from top brands such as Venum, Phantom Athletics, Pit Bull West Coast, Tatami Fightwear and many more.
From the plain color to the unusual artwork designs, there is a huge range to choose from, here you´ll find sport leggings for men for every taste.

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No Gi leggings for grappling and ground combat

BJJ leggings for men are mainly used in no grappling and ground fighting at the MMA. They protect against the disgusting mat fire on the knees (burns due to friction on the mat) and also protect the opponent from blood and sweat for hygienic reasons who likes to wallow in other people's sweat puddles !?
In addition to the Rashguard, BJJ Spats are often worn under the Jiu Jitsu Gi. Here, too, the athletes benefit from the advantages of the compression effect and the No Gi clothing prevents the Gi from sticking to the skin.

Compression wear for MMA and martial arts

Compression wear in martial arts is often referred to as no gi clothing, and the no gi clothing, as the name suggests, is used for jiu jitsu without classic BJJ gi.The No Gi Wear consists from compression leggings or compression shorts and a rash guard.
The compression clothing fits as tightly as a second skin and, thanks to the completely elastic material, offers complete freedom of movement in all positions.Due to the compression effect, the leggings or spats are usually one size smaller than the normal size you are wearing, please note this when placing your order.