The ultimate guide for MMA shorts

MMA, what does that mean?
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) stands for mixed martial arts and includes techniques from many martial arts such as classic boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, wrestling, karate, BJJ and some more.Today's MMA fighter is an all-round martial artist and masters both standing and ground combat. The MMA gained fame through the American Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC for short. because back then there was practically no rules and no gloves.However, all this has changed over time, today there are fixed rules.The MMA also became world famous and popular through the Japanese Pride FC Championship, after all Pride FC became the best and most famous MMA fighters like Mark Hunt, Mark Colemann or Fedor Emelianenko. To meet the requirements of these athletes, special shorts were developed for the MMA developed.

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What makes MMA shorts so special?

MMA shorts or MMA pants are made of robust and durable materials. They allow MMA fighters maximum freedom of movement without hindering kicks.
The material is sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Some models also have incisions on the pants legs. Most MMA shorts have a strong Velcro fastener on the waistband and can also be tied again with a drawstring, so it is ensured that the MMA pants do not slip or twist during training or competition.
Various models also have a mouth protection pocket sewn into which the mouthguard can be inserted.
MMA shorts are manufactured by many brands, in our MMA shop you will find MMA shorts of all premium brands such as Venum, Leone 1947, Tatami Fightwear, Phantom Athletics and many other premium martial arts brands.

Are there any differences between the MMA shorts?

Classic MMA shorts are usually made from Made of polyester fibers and cut like the classic board shorts. Today's trend is in shorter cut MMA shorts. Another form of MMA pants are Vale Tudo shorts.
Vale Tudo shorts are tight-fitting shorts that have a shorter cut like a second skin on the body and do not slip at all and offer complete freedom of movement.
One of the first Vale Tudo shorts on the market was the Bad Boy Vale Tudo shorts with the familiar eye logo on the back, these shorts were used by many former UFC fighters carried!

MMA shorts - which size is right for me?

Each manufacturer such as Venum, Pit Bull West Coast or Tatami Fightwear produces individually and therefore the MMA shorts are different across brands, you cannot make a blanket statement.As a rule, a size chart is stored for all of our martial arts products.The MMA shorts are usually available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. We also have MMA shorts for children.

The right accessories for your MMA shorts.

You can also find the right accessories for your MMA martial arts in our MMA shop, such as mouthguards, MMA gloves or boxing gloves.
Our range of martial arts articles is huge and growing steadily, you are guaranteed to find it.