Thai Pads and focus mitts for Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and MMA

Focus Pads or focus mitts are great for practicing boxing techniques. The pads are similar to boxing gloves but with an integrated shock pad.
The aim is to exercise the boxing techniques more dynamic and to rehearse stroke combinations consisting of straight lines and hooks and uppercuts.
For kicks and knee blows, however, focus pads are only suitable to a limited extent; so-called thai pads are much better suited for this purpose.
They have a thicker padding, are wider and longer than boxing mitts and usually have 2 arm loops and a thick handle to be able to catch even the hardest kicks with it.
Similar to thai pads are the kick cushions and kick shields, they are ideal for practicing low kicks in Muay Thai.In the category "Pads" you will also find the belly pads for exercising body blows as well as thigh pads for training hard kicks against the thighs.



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