Focus Mitts

Buy punching pads and focus mitts for boxing and combat sports

The boxing mitts are just as much a part of boxing as boxing gloves. Anyone who has ever trained in the boxing gym knows that a boxing jaw is the first choice when it comes to the training of coordination and punch combinations. The focus mitts are briefly explained Gloves with attached padding.
The pad holder can then train the different punching combinations.
These can be straight punches, sideways hooks or uppercuts (uppercuts).
In our assortment you will find many boxing brands of well known brands like Venum, Phantom Athletics or Booster, buy now your new focus mitts for boxing.
BENLEE Rocky Marciano Boxing Sticks Bastoni Black/Yellow

The high-quality batons for versatile use in martial arts training.
Made of sturdy synthetic leather with a wrist loop at the end.

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The boxing training with boxing mitts and Coach!

Beginners will only focus on jabs and crosses (straight punches) until they can be done properly, then gradually expand the combinations with sideways and upwards hooks.

What types of punches can I practice with boxing mitts?

which can all be trained and trained with focus mitts:
  • Jab: straight stroke with the leader hand
  • Cross: straight stroke with the flip hand
  • Hook (hook): Both as sideway hook and uppercut executable
All boxing techniques can be applied to both the head and the head to be carried out to the body.

What are the advantages of training with boxing mitts?

During pad workouts you are burning calories and increasing your stamina and stamina. Furthermore you get a feel for your stroke distance through the spice training and train your reaction speed and reflexes. You learn to combine different strokes and improve your accuracy, also the footwork is trained. A good bearer will also train your shifts and teach you how to block punches.

What should I look for when buying boxing mitts?

First of all, the pads should not be too heavy and should not be too big so that you can train fast combinations during boxing training. From the material is up to you whether you prefer to use PU leather or genuine leather pads , quality synthetic leather pads in today's time are quite recommended.Good martial arts pads have an integrated grip ball and a hand rest for maximum comfort and fatigue-free holding In addition, with high-quality claws the finger channels and / or the back of mesh fabric for optimal ventilation of the hands.
Last but most importantly, the padding of the pads, this should absorb the energy of impact optimally and thus distribute an injury-free training is possible.