Kick Pads

Thai Kick pads and striking shields for kickboxing and martial arts

In addition to boxing mitts the Muay Thai Pads or kick pads are the #1 tool of a martial arts trainer.
Thai pads are not used in classic boxing because they are too heavy for pure punching techniques.
However, Muay Thai pads are used in all martial arts such as kicks, knee techniques or elbow kicks such as kickboxing, thai boxing, MMA and many others.
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Twins Special Thai Kick Pads PAO

First-class workmanship and the use of high-quality cowhide guarantee the highest quality.
Upper material robust and durable leather.
Handmade in Thailand.

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What is the difference between boxing mitts and Muay Thai pads?

The Muay Thai pads differ from focus mitts in shape, size, weight and padding.
While classic boxing mitts are put on like a glove, Muay Thai pads are held with fingers and arms.
Thai pads have a sturdy handle as well as usually 2 Velcro straps for firm and secure hold. The padding compared to boxing mitts is much larger to maximize the hit area and also thicker to easily absorb hard kicks. Because of that, Thai Pads naturally weigh more than boxing mitts and of course they are a bit heavier when held.

Train with Coach and Muay Thai Pratzen

First of all you have to say that with kick thai pads you can of course practice the classical boxing techniques as well with boxing mitts. The big advantage of the Thai Pads is that you can combine boxing techniques like jab, cross, hook or uppercut with kicks, knee and elbow techniques and because of the thick padding of the Thai Pads you can neatly pepper in kicks without injuring yourself or the padholder thereby.

Condition and coordination by training with thai kick pads!

Anyone who has ever practiced Kick Pads knows how exhausting this is and how much your body is required, thus increasing your stamina and stamina. You get a sense of the right distance in beating, kicking, elbow and knee techniques and you train your reaction and reflexes. You learn to combine different martial arts techniques properly and meaningfully and thus to improve the accuracy.

Our tips for buying thai pads

Pay attention to a solid and strong padding. Whether artificial leather pads or leather pads is up to you, these two materials are qualitatively at the same time today.
The handle of the pads should be riveted to ensure a long durability. Also make sure that there is at least one adjustable velcro strap on the back , only in this way is a proper training possible.
Some Thai pads have an armrest on the back so that an ergonomic and fatigue-free holding of the mitts is possible.
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