Punch bags

The punching bag - A training device for strength, endurance and technique

The heavy bag (formerly called sandbag) is the ultimate training device for boxers, athletes and amateur athletes. Anyone who has ever trained on a punching bag knows how exhausting such a full-body workout can be.
By training on a heavy bag, you increase your (punch) power in your shoulders and arms, sustainably increasing your stamina and at the same time refining your boxing techniques as well as your footwork.
On punching bags you can train all punch combinations like the "straight line" with punch and leader hand, side hook and uppercut. But not only stroke techniques can be practiced, but also (depending on the size of the punch bag) kicks and knees for kickboxing or Muay Thai.
In our martial arts shop find punching bags of leading brands like Booster, Phantom Athletics or Leone 1947.
SMAI Heavy Bag Leather

SMAI punching bag, real leather, black and white.
High quality punching bag made of real buffalo leather for the professional area.

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PX Allround Heavy Bag Black

Top model made of particularly tear-resistant heavy vinyl with nylon mesh reinforcement.
The material is sewn and screwed several times!
Fixed, 4-beam chrome-plated steel chain with secured swivel and carabiner.

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PX Water Punch Bag Black/Red

The PX punchbag is the revolution in training with the punching bag.
The training on the punchbag is more gentle on the joints than the conventional training on the punching bag and the blows are more realistic by absorbing the force.

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Which punching bags are available?

The shapes and types of punching bags available on the market vary widely. First of all, we distinguish between standing punching bags and free-hanging punching bags.The standing punching bags are mounted on a foot that can be filled with water or sand. This gives the bag its stability and you can nibble properly in your box workout.
Probably the most widely used punching bags are the hanging punching bags as you know from every boxing gym. These are mounted by means of a swivel chain and a corresponding holder on the ceiling or on a specially designed for punching bags wall holder.Which shape your punching bag should have depends on the type of training and your personal taste.The standard tubular-shaped punching bags are suitable for all martial arts such as boxing or kickboxing or Thai boxing, so you can train all the techniques of punching and kicking.
These punching bags are usually available in a size of 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm.Box pears or corn pears, on the other hand, are best suited for pure boxing training and especially for upper hooks and upper cuts. Knee blows can also be trained wonderfully.And then there are various special forms like the tear drop punching bag or tens of others, you're spoiled for choice!

Punching bag filled or unfilled?

Formerly, punching bags were filled with sand, hence the name Sandbag.Tne disadvantage is that the joints are suffering greatly from the sand filling and sooner or later you will get pain in the ankles and joints.Through the regular blows on the sandbag, the sand namely Over time, it has become highly compressed and has become as hard as concrete, so today you can fill punching bags with fabric remnants or scraps of cloth. This material is wonderfully cramped and gives the sandbag a decent amount of firmness without becoming too hard.Whether you buy a filled or unfilled punching bag is up to you, but you should not underestimate the effort for filling a punching bag.

The Revolution of the Punching Bag: The Water Punching Bag (Hydro Bag)

Anyone familiar with the martial arts scene will probably already have stumbled on the new water punching bags (Hydro Bags / Aqua Bags). A Hydro Punching Bag is filled with water instead of textile material and has the shape of a box pear.The water-filled punching bag virtually simulates a human body and leads to an incomparable feeling, and training on a water-punching bag is also gentler on the bones and joints. The Hydro Bags are available in different sizes, so you can decide depending on the training concept like MMA, boxing or the Muay Thai Training which Aqua Bag is the right one.

How do I attach my punching bag?

For each punching bag, there is optionally available also the appropriate attachment.Whether hook, swivel, rotating ceiling plate or suspension with ball bearing, swivel or heavy duty chain, attach your punching bag with the right accessories