Protective equipment for martial arts

Every martial artist knows how fast you can injure yourself in martial arts if you are not well protected. In addition to good martial arts gloves, a good protection equipment is important for any martial artist to be optimally equipped in training or competition. Thus, injuries can be avoided or realistic training under competitive conditions can be performed.
Whether shin guards for kickboxing or Muay Thai, a good mouthguard or boxing bandages, we stock a wide range of high-quality and affordable combat accessories. In our shop we have categorically divided the protective equipment according to body region so that you can navigate through our shop quickly and easily and find your new martial arts equipment in no time.
Booster Kids Hand Wraps BPC 2,00m

Classical boxing hand wraps by Booster Fightgear.
Length 460cm - Allows sufficient bandaging of the knuckles and fingers.
Partially elastic for optimal fit.

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