Foot bandages and ankle guards for Muay Thai and kickboxing

Ankle guards or foot bandages are elastic bandages for martial arts such as Thai boxing or kick boxing.✓
They are made of elastic cotton blend fabric and are pulled over the foot like socks.Due to the compression-like effect, they have a stabilizing effect and support the ankles and ankles.Foot straps for boxes, Muay Thai and Kickboxing are available in many different colors and from various manufacturers such as Venum foot bandages or Twins ankle protectors.
While some manufacturers such as Venum put on the foot bandages on a standard size, there are also manufacturers such as Bad Boy which individualize the size.
On the mat or in the gym, the foot bandages give you a secure feeling, especially with kicks in Muay Thai and kickboxing.Matching to the foot bandages are always boxing bandages available, so you can vote for your martial arts outfit.
Buy now your new Venum foot bandages or Twins ankle protectors and be well prepared for your training in kickboxing, boxing and MMA.✓
Super Pro Ankle Guards

Classic ankle guards from Super Pro Combat Gear.
Made from elastic cotton and polyester blend.
Offer protection against injuries to the ankle, instep, ankles and tendons.
Timeless design with Super Pro logo print.
Various colors available.

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