Groin Guards for martial arts for men and childs

Especially in martial arts with full contact such as kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA is a groin guard essential to prevent serious injuries.
A groin guard (also known as a jockstrap, testicle protector, ball guard or egg cup) is an important piece of protective equipment to protect the penis, testicles and abdomen from injuries caused by beatings and kicks.
Here at the emparor Muay Thai Shop children and men will find a suitable groin guard.Buy groin guards online now!
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Groin Guard for Men - For Injury Free Martial Training

For a testicle protection includes a shock-resistant shell and a corresponding supporter.
The classic protectors are worn in martial arts over the underwear (over gear) and held by an elastic over-slip.
Alternatively there are compression shorts and compression pants in which the groin guard is already integrated (under gear).
Under gear models are usually a little less noticeable.
The cup can be removed and the panties washed.
In the choice of size, only the hip circumference plays a role.
The impact-resistant shell is always the same size.
Orient yourself in choosing the size of your underwear.