Head Guard for kickboxing and Muay Thai boxing

Buy head guards for martial arts In our martial arts shop.You will find a wide selection of head guards.We carry head protectors from many premium brands like Venum, Twins, Bad Boy and Booster.A martial arts head guard can be purchased in leather or synthetic leather.Whether for training or the competition in boxing and kickboxing, a head guard is considered indispensable martial arts accessories.The head guard is used in many martial arts such as boxing, kickboxing, Thaiboxing and MMA.
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Is a head guard useful in martial arts?

Yes, punches and kicks against the head can happen in any martial arts competition or training, the head is usually the main attack surface.
This can cause cuts and abrasions in addition to severe injuries such as fractures of the nose or zygomatic bone to a severe concussion or a concussion Skull brain trauma.
With a head protector you can effectively protect yourself against such injuries. Even though in the meantime competition is usually fought without head protection, you should always wear a martial arts head protection when sparring.

What should I look for when buying a headgear?

A head guard protects the forehead, cheekbone, ears and chin and adapts to the shape of the head individually.
A sufficient padding should be present at these sensitive places.Whether you choose to leather or fine synthetic leather is ultimately a matter of taste, the quality of artificial leather is similar to genuine leather.
The head protection should be tight, but not too tight.
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