The best shin guards for kickboxing and Muay Thai

In many martial arts good shin guards are absolute duty!
Blocking kicks but also kicking oneself like e.g. Low kicks would be hard to train without a good shin guard. If you've ever had a hard low kick, you know what pain is.Good martial arts Shinguards avoid serious injuries during training and sparring and effectively protect against injuries.
At emparor you will find high quality shin guards from the leading manufacturers such as Phantom, Venum or Hayabusa Shinguards.
Shin guards and shin guards for martial arts at emparor Muay Thai Shop !
King PB Shin Guards SG3

Muay Thai shin guards by King Pro Boxing.
Strong padding for best shock distribution.
Extra padding over the shin and instep.

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Twins Shin Guards SGL-3 Leather

The shin guards are handmade and have a strong instep protection.
Two wide elastic bands in the heel area and two wide Velcro strips on the back of the shin guard provide optimum support.

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Venum Shin Guards Kontact Black/White

Optimal protection for the shin and foot
Solid padding
Stretch fabric for a good fit and hold

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Which martial arts shinguards are available in your fight shop?

On the one hand, there are Stand Up shinguards like Kickboxing, K1 or Muay Thai.
These shin guards are only suitable for martial arts which do not involve ground combat, because they are too stiff and only partially usable. You can recognize the Standup shin guards for that These shin guards are made of both synthetic leather (PU leather) and genuine Leder.
Leather is more expensive in the production of synthetic leather, of course, these cost more, qualitatively you have to leatherette shin guards make no compromises today. Manufacturers such as Venum, Twins Special or Phantom just to name a few rely on high-quality materials and best workmanship.Furthermore, there are still MMA shinguards .They usually have no large Velcro straps but a neoprene back and also made of elastic material such as neoprene or a Polyester Blend.
The MMA shinguards are very lightweight and due to the elastic material for the ground fight optimally suited because you do not bother.