Jump Ropes

Skipping ropes for fitness, Muay Thai and martial arts training

Rope jumping is a sport discipline with a rope. The athelte rotates the rope and jump through it. This can be done as fast as possible, quite classically or artfully.
At that time, as a typical child's game on everyone's lips, has become the rope jumping now an integral part of fitness training or martial arts developed.
The rope jumping in fitness and martial arts is ideal as a warm-up exercise, to exhaustion after training or as a longer individual training. The jumping rope promotes coordination and endurance.Who jumps rope in about 10 minutes burns about 100 calories (depending on pace and jump type), so a very effective method to get rid of excess body fat.
In our martial arts shop you will find a variety of skipping ropes from renowned manufacturers (Venum, Leone 1947, Twins, Booster and more) such as steel ropes, classic leather skipping rope or tube jump ropes as they are used in Thailand or Muay Thai sports.
Leone 1947 Steel Jump Rope 8mm

The steel cable is covered with robust PVC fabric.
High quality ball bearings for optimal turning and training.
Non-slip plastic handles.

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What types of skipping ropes are there?

In principle, all skipping ropes fulfill the same purpose, namely to jump through the rope (wire / hose).
There are different options to choose from when choosing your jump rope, which we would like to briefly explain:
Skipping ropes made of leather:
These are all-rounder and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.Skipping ropes with wire or steel cable. These ropes are heavier and more effective in promoting the use of the arms and shoulders, which in turn consumes more energy (higher calorie consumption).
Jump ropes with ball bearings:
These are designed for speed, which helps to strengthen strength-endurance training.
Jump rope with tube for Muay Thai:
These skipping ropes are mainly from / in Thailand known and find it in almost every Muay Thai Gym application. The thick PVC tubes are relatively heavy and demand in addition to the strength endurance also the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

Exercise your fitness training everywhere

The jump rope is the mobile fitness device bad and everywhere applicable. Due to the small size, it is stowable everywhere as for example in your martial arts bag or fitness backpack. Whether traveling, weekend trip, on school trip or even on work during the lunch break, the Skipping rope is her mobile fitness accessory!