The training mask as the ultimate fitness device!

With a training mask, you train your breathing muscles, and by limiting the air supply you can train and strengthen your breathing muscles.The breathing muscles must be trained regularly like every other muscle in order to be able to deliver the best performance.
With a training mask you acquire a small, handy fitness device that you can take anywhere and with which you can train anywhere, be it in the martial arts gym, in the gym or on the street.
Even if the mask looks a bit disturbing at first glance, it is increasingly used by top athletes and athletes.✅
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What is a training mask?

A training mask is, as the name suggests, a mask that is pulled over the mouth and nose. It has an adjustment option (either via a wheel or a lever) via which you can regulate the air supply.
There are different resistance levels and so you can use it for every fitness level set the right level of difficulty.✅

Who can use a Training Mask?

A training mask is suitable for everyone, from beginners to top athletes.
Since you can adjust the breathing resistance individually, you can individually adjust the level of difficulty of the mask to each athlete.
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