Quality training gloves and lifting straps for fitness training

If you want to save the purchase of fitness equipment in our Fightwear Shop with all your might, do yourself no favors.Of course, you can get cheap MMA gloves and MMA shorts from us, but you will not find any dumping offers from low-cost manufacturers.We only trade fitness accessories and equipment for the mixed martial arts of well-known manufacturers, where you and we can rely on a very high quality, which increases your fitness.
An example of this is the boxing gloves Venum, which are as well suited for training with a sparring partner as for high-class competitions.For children we also have a wide range.The brand name Dynamix Athletics also offers high quality. With this you can train optimally and are perfectly protected against injuries, because the focus is on us your perfect training, whether in endurance, combat or weight training.

Buy fitness accessories in our shop such as lifting straps, weight-lifting belt, wrist bandages or training gloves for fitness and bodybuilding.

PX Wall Ball Cross Medicine Ball

Wall Ball Cross medicine ball.
Ideal for fitness or circuit training.
Particularly hard-wearing PVC, all seams sewn twice, neatly processed and extremely resilient.

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What products can you find in our fitness shop?

With fitness and bodybuilding accessories, many products are available to supplement your workout.
The half-fingered gloves and fitness gloves with almost completely free remaining fingers come from well-known manufacturers, who are known above all for a strict quality management.Sports equipment is as popular with amateur athletes as it is with operators of large fitness centers.
Many professionals in the field of mixed martial sports rely on the fitness equipment from our manufacturers, because there their high quality standards are met.It is in the foreground that the sports equipment should be as comfortable as possible and at the same time very durable and safe so that it can optimally support your fitness. It should also look good and the fitness accessories from our shop have grown as well.

We offer fitness accessories from lifting straps to dip belts.

Our fitness accessories bring a good user comfort with, as the example of the weight-lifting belt is recognizable. Reinforced neoprene and an intelligent Velcro fastener for stepless width adjustment ensure that this fitness accessory adapts perfectly to your body shape.
The lower back remains well protected even when tearing and clamping large weights in weight training. Other belts that we offer for weightlifters are made of sturdy genuine leather and can be adjusted with a buckle from afar. The wrist bandages available as fitness accessories should also be considered in the interests of protection against injury. They are not only suitable for mixed martial arts, but are also good equipment for mountain bikers, skaters or trick scooter riders, because they protect the wrists from being pulled and twisted during falls. With fitness accessories from the emparor shop you get the opportunity to improve your personal fitness in the different areas.