Mouth Guards and Gum Shields for Boxing Kickboxing Martial Arts

Who wants to practice a sport with full contact such as boxing, kickboxing or the Muay Thai requires extensive protection equipment.
In addition to boxing gloves or MMA gloves depending on the sport also shinguards, head guards, groin guards or mouthguard or mouthguard are at the top of the list.
Protect yourself and your sensitive body parts with appropriate protective measures.
Especially the mouthguard is important for your teeth as well as for your jawbone.
Of course you can also use the toothguards we offer in other sports like hockey or ice hockey.
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What is the purpose of mouth and mouth protection?

The gum shield is worn in many martial arts to protect the teeth and jawbone. In addition, gums and lips are spared.In football, for example, the mouthguard is worn primarily to prevent concussion due to the hard impact of the upper and lower jaw. Similarly, a mouthguard protects against worn teeth and thus a visit to a dentist and a horrendous bill.
Depending on which sport you want to exercise, the function of the mouthguard can vary accordingly.

What should I pay attention to when buying a dental guard?

Make sure that the mouthguard - as well as the other safety equipment - is of the right quality.In doing so, you can rely on well-known brands such as Venum, Phantom Athletics or Shock Doctor, which we sell in our Fight Shop.
Of course, you will get your mouthguard in a variety of colors and, if necessary, with flavors to match your other outfit.Make wearing your mouthguard as comfortable as possible.