Perfectly protected with a VENUM head guard

When it comes to protecting your head, you can't afford to compromise. ✅
The investment in a high-quality head guard, which is adapted to the requirements for boxing or MMA, really makes sense to avoid injuries in the head and face area. ✅
The VENUM head guards protect against injuries to the jaw ⭐ cheeks ⭐ cheekbones ⭐ the ears and much more.
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What should I watch out for when buying a Venum head guard?

It is important with a VENUM head guard that the view and movement remain unrestricted and at the same time sensitive areas of the head are protected. And the Venum head guards do just that. The Venum head guards are available in one size. With Velcro strips, you can perfectly adapt your Venum head protection to your head shape.

Which Venum head guard do you recommend?

Venum has different models in the range, whether you choose the Venum headguard Challenger or the premium Venum headguard Elite is up to you, you will find the models in many colors and always matching the Venum boxing gloves and Venum shin guards.
In order to climb onto the mat or into the ring safely and without injury, the Venum head guard combines with the matching Venum mouthguard or Venum hand wraps.