VENUM Spats & Compression Wear for full performance!

Compression clothing by Venum or your martial arts and fitness training.✅ We stock almost the entire range of Venum compression clothing.
The Venum compression clothing consists of Venum Spats or Venum Compression Leggings, Venum Compression Shirts (short-sleeved and long-sleeved) and Venum Compression Shorts or Venum Vale Tudo Shorts.This is functional clothing for fitness athletes and modern martial arts athletes. Compression clothing fits snugly on the body like a second skin.✅
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What is the advantage of Venum Compression Wear over 'normal' training clothing?

The compression effect improves the circulation of the blood, which is especially important for the muscles in training as they are better supplied with blood and You can call up such an added value in performance. Also, the compression has a certain supporting effect and can reduce the risk of injury.Furthermore, the breathable material allows optimal removal of moisture and the body remains cooled during training.

What is the difference between Rashguards and Compression Shirts?

A Rashguard is suitable for martial arts such as Grappling and MMA. The material of the Rashguard is very robust and tear-resistant. A Compression Shirt is thinner and lighter in terms of material, the Compression Shirts are therefore not suitable for ground combat but rather for Stand Up Martial Arts, Fitness training, jogging and cardio training.
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